Where To Paddle Board In Maui

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where to paddle board maui

Maui, the second-largest of the Hawaiian islands, is known for scenic tropical beaches. What people might not know is that Maui is a fantastic tropical destination for watersports and outdoor recreation. Specifically, Maui is a fantastic place to go to paddle board. Whether you are an experienced stand-up paddle boarder or a beginner just looking to try out paddle boarding in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Maui is the place to be. With such great spots to paddle board as Kapalua Bay, Kihei, Wailea, Maliko, and Napili Bay, you can’t go wrong by choosing to travel to Maui.

Kapalua Bay Paddle Boarding

Kapalua is one of the most beautiful beaches on island Maui. It can be found at 1 Bay Dr. Lahaina, HI 96761, which can easily be reached off of the Honoapiilani Hwy. It is an immaculate place that offers various activities that are sure to meet anyone’s needs. One such activity is paddle boarding! What makes this place such a great place to paddle board is that this top-rated beach has beautiful sand and active marine life. It is rather common to see turtles and other sea life swimming in the water while out on your paddle board!

Paddle in Kihei

Enjoy an afternoon of peace and serenity while floating on the island’s calm waters. Paddleboarders at Kihei can enjoy the spectacular views of the coastline, neighboring islands, even a volcano, and some diverse and colorful coral reefs! At Kihei, you will have an unforgettable paddle boarding adventure.

Paddle Board in Wailea

Wailea Beach is a gorgeous location on Maui with a lot of different paddle boarding opportunities. At Wailea, you’ll get to paddle on the crystal-clear water of Wailea beach and maybe even get to see some sea life swimming underneath the waves.

Maliko Paddle Boarding

One incredible stand-up paddle boarding experience that is waiting in Maui is the Maliko run. The Maliko run is a stand-up paddle boarding path that takes you down the north shore of the Island. It is a nine-mile stretch of just you, your fellow paddle boarders, the beautiful coastline of Maui, and all the unpredictable beauty of the ocean life swimming below you. Will you see a sea turtle? A Manta Ray? There is only one way to find out! The Maliko run is a must-do for any experienced paddle boarders visiting Maui.

Napili Bay Paddle Boarding

Napili Bay is an incredible place to go paddle boarding in the crystal blue waters that make Maui so famous. With it being only ten minutes north of Kaanapali and only one beach over from Kapalua, it is perfectly accessible to travelers. Napili Bay is truly one of the best beaches on this side of Maui to do some stand-up paddle boarding. It has incredible views, many different maui stand up paddle board rental options, calm waters, and a few restaurants to get a bite after being out on the water. The calm waters make this a great place for beginners to get a hang of paddle boarding before going out on rougher waters.

Go Paddle Board Maui!

Maui is an absolutely beautiful place to go paddle boarding. The calm crystal clear waters, the beautiful and unique coastline, the majestic and diverse marine life, and all the wonderful people make it a must to anyone traveling to the island that wants to paddle board. Renting paddle boards is a perfect way to get the best bang for your buck on what is sure to be an unforgettable trip. At Boss Frog, we offer stand-up paddle board rentals for $35 a day or $150 for a week.