Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

$35/Day or $150/Week


We keep lots of boards in stock. Call your desired Location for availability or stop in and see us.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Stand up paddleboarding is one of the most fun activities you can get into off shore! Our stand up paddle board rentals provide a large platform from which to peer into the marine environment from above. These boards are wonderful for cruising along and checking out the shallow coral reefs. You are sure to see all kinds of colorful fish as you glide past one another. Make sure to keep your eyes open for Hawaiian green sea turtles who may be rising up to breathe!

Once you get the hang of paddling through the water, you’re more likely to stay upright on our SUPs because of their sheer size. Larger boards have more surface area to distribute weight on the water’s surface, and our boards are big. Some stand up paddle board rentals can accommodate more than one rider. When you’re out on the water, you may notice a few locals who have their dogs riding along!

Using a stand up paddleboard is easier to learn than surfing. If you are just starting out, you’ll be looking for different conditions than a surfer would, too. You want the surface of the water to look glassy and flat (without waves to ride), which is exactly what snorkelers love, as well! When you come into the shop to pick up your SUP rentals, we will give you information on the day’s ocean conditions, and provide tips on the best places to explore.

We’ve Got Your SUP Board Needs Covered

Our stand up paddle board rentals include a paddle, and they are available in 8’6 and 9’2 lengths. Each lightweight, fiberglass board is shaped by Charlie Smith and glassed by Dave Gott (of Gott Glassing). Both experts bring our boards into being on the island of Maui.

Come to Boss Frog’s for your SUP rentals, and stand up for what you believe in – relaxation and fun in Hawaii!