Great Beginner Surfing Beaches in Maui

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best beginner surfing beaching in maui

The island of Maui in Hawaii is practically synonymous with surfing! That’s hardly surprising, given the countless surf beaches in the area. For beginner and experienced surfers alike, Maui is, in many ways, the surf capital of the world.

Native Hawaiians consider surfing a sacred activity. Called “he’e nalu” or “wave sliding”, it has been a favorite pastime among Pacific islanders for hundreds of years. 

With its vast waters and miles of coastlines, the Hawaiian Islands are the ideal destination for surfers of all experience levels. Visitors from all over the world now come over to experience what native islanders have enjoyed for centuries. 

The Best Surfing Beaches In Maui

By now, you’re probably raring to book a flight to Maui to find out firsthand what the fuss is all about. But how do you get started? We’ve put together a quick guide to some of the finest surf destinations in Maui, so it’s easier for you to make a decision. Any one of these beaches has the potential for some serious surfing, so check them out!

The Cove

Beginners will want to head straight to The Cove in Kihei, which is ideally suited for those who don’t have a lot‒or any‒surfing experience. The area is a great place to learn the basic moves with its gentle waves and tranquil waters. In fact, there are a few surf schools there, so you can enroll in a few classes and get up and surfing in no time. 

Laihana Breakwall

To the south of the harbor, you will find Laihana Breakwall, another beginner-friendly surf spot. Like The Cove, it has many schools from which novice surfers could learn essential surfing skills.

Although it is ideally suited for beginning surfers, Laihana Breakwall has some good swells. For this reason, it is a popular spot for photographers to take surfing photos. 

You do have to head away from the wall to avoid being swept onto the rocks. But overall, Laihana Breakwall provides a safe setting for those new to surfing.

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Thousand Peaks

The aptly named Thousand Peaks has long been a favorite surfing spot in Maui. Located in Ukumehame in the southwest section of the island, it is known for its clean breaks, large channels, and exhilarating south swells. So whether you want to try your luck out on one of the many peaks, paddle your way out to sea, or even just float lazily on the waves, Thousand Peaks provides a lovely, tranquil setting. 

Locals recommend renting a longboard or a stand-up paddle to experience the waves and swells to the fullest. If you’re lucky, you might even see a sea turtle or two!

Launiupoko Beach

Launiupoko Beach, on the west side of Maui, is another long-time local favorite. Like all the surf spots mentioned thus far, this one is a beginner-friendly location that even inexperienced surfers should find rewarding. It is also a lovely area in its own right, with a lush green park and abundant shade trees.

Keep in mind that the waters are pretty shallow, so navigating the rocks and reefs can be tricky during low tide. But time your visit just right, and Launiupoko should provide hours of pure surfing enjoyment. 

Kaanapali Beach

Finally, check out Kaanapali Beach, which is arguably the most famous surfing beach in Maui. It pretty much offers a complete rest-and-recreation package, with amenities for snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. And with its crystal clear waters and gleaming white sand, Kaanapali is a scenic surfing spot that makes the perfect setting for Instagram-worthy pictures!

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