Deluxe Snorkel Set Rentals

$9.50/ Day or $34.50/ Week | Kauai & Big Island$12/Day or $42/ Week


Regularly $69 per set per week. Now only $34.50 per set with our 2 for 1 special deal. You get two complete snorkel sets for $69. And keep each set for up to 14 days.

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Snorkel Rental Set

Are you ready to get in the water? Boss Frog's offers several different types of snorkel rental gear! Many of the Hawaiian Islands' best qualities stem from their location in the middle of the Pacific. There are so many gorgeous places to explore (assuming ocean conditions are safe on the days you want to go)! The sites range from beginning to advanced. The lively marine life and coral reefs beneath the surface are truly a sight to see, and we aim to help you see the fishes in an affordable fashion.

Our snorkel rental sets feature a dry snorkel, along with a mask that has a flexible silicone seal, are the most comfortable and easy to use. The seal conforms beautifully to your face. Our in-store agents will help you choose the right size mask for your head. We have a mask, snorkel, and fin set for everyone in your family – even the school-age swimmers. Regularly $69 each for the week but with our 2 for 1 special you will get 2 for $69.  These snorkel gear sets will provide hours of underwater discovery, entertainment, and learning. When you're finished splashing about, you get to leave the equipment with us! (Ah, the beauty and convenience of beach rental gear . . .)

Tips When Using Snorkeling Gear

No matter where you decide to snorkel, make sure to wear a rashguard and surf shorts to protect your skin from the sun. That way, you can spend more time in the water. This protective clothing is a lot easier to use - and a lot warmer - than any sort of sunscreen.

Once your skin is comfortable, it's also important to handle your hair. Doing so will make your time in the water that much better! Before you dip your toes in, understand that you want to keep your hair from breaking the seal of your mask and letting water in. If water drips into the inside of the mask, the defogger will no longer be effective. The heat from your skin will fog up the inside of the mask, and you will not be able to see your surroundings. If enough water gets in, you can get some up your nose too, which is not super comfortable (trust us on that one). For those with longer hair, we suggest tying it back and/or braiding it before you put on your mask. Also, push your bangs out of the way with a flexible fabric hairband that will stay in place as you swim. If you have a mustache or beard, spread petroleum jelly where the mask meets your facial hair to create a tighter seal. For more great ideas, check out our snorkeling safety tips!

We look forward to helping you select the perfect mask, snorkel, and fin rental set on your next island vacation. Let us know if you have any questions, and remember - you can reserve your snorkel sets and activities online before you even touch down in Hawaii.

Sea you soon!

Snorkel the coral reef and see tropical fish and other marine life.

Relax. Enjoy the cruise and a Mai Tai!Malolo Snorkel Cruise Our For An Epic Adventure!

The Malolo on her way to Molokini.

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