Ulua and Mokapu Beaches

Max Depth 1-15 feet
beginner to intermediate snorkeling
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Beach Location: Just past 3550 Wailea Alanui Drive, Kihei HI 96753
Amenities: Outdoor showers, restrooms, benches, and trash and recycle bins
Time to snorkel: Year round
Kid Friendly: Yes
Lifeguards: No
Parking: Traveling south on Wailea Alanui Drive, pass the Andaz Resort, look for the sign for Ulua and Mokapu Beaches, and take a right. Drive down the hill a bit to find the parking lot. Follow the sidewalk on the right hand side to reach the water.

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The snorkeling is really fun off Ulua and Mokapu Beaches. There is a wonderful reef system between the two beaches. It houses varied and colorful marine life, including big schools of weke (goatfish), and the striking black and white Hawaiian daschyllus. Lava fingers make up the base of this reef, which means that there are hills and valleys for you to investigate. The water is only about 15 feet deep, but there is plenty to see. Perhaps this is common knowledge, but in case it isn’t, please do not stand on coral reef habitat. Doing so sickens and can kill the reef, destroying critical home grounds for many marine species. Corals in Hawaii can only grow about one inch per year, and that’s under ideal conditions. Thank you for helping us care for our beautiful reefs!

A great walking and jogging path runs behind these two beaches and many others in Wailea. There is something special about getting up early, stretching in the morning light, and enjoying the movement of your body as you take in the scenic views along this coastal route.

Whether you decide to snorkel, jog, or simply relax on the sand, you are sure to love your time at Ulua and Mokapu Beaches.

Ulua and Mokapu Beaches
Ulua and Mokapu Beaches
Ulua and Mokapu Beaches

    Ulua and Mokapu Beach Rating by Boss Frog's

    Water Clarity - 8.5/10
    Wildlife Abundance - 8/10
    Reef Abundance - 7/10
    Ease of Beach Access - 10/10
    Sandy Beach For Entertaining - 10/10

    Summary 8.7/10

    The point separating Mokapu and Ulua beaches offers a good snorkeling opportunity in the Wailea area. This is a great South Maui family beach, with the water remaining generally calm.  No matter which beach you snorkel, the earlier you get in the water, the better the snorkeling.  In the case of these two beaches, the early rule holds true for finding a parking space, too.

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    If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-808-661-3333.

    Ulua and Mokapu Beaches