Charley Young Beach

Max Depth 1-15 feet
beginner to intermediate snorkeling
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Beach Location: 2259 South Kihei Road, Kihei HI 96753
Amenities: Outdoor showers, portable toilet, trash and recycle bins
Time to snorkel: Year round
Kid Friendly: Yes
Lifeguards: No
Parking: Heading south on South Kihei Road, look for the Maui Vista sign on the left, and turn right onto Kai’au Place. After that turn, take a hard right into the beach parking lot. Walk to the right across the street to find Charley Young Beach. You’ll head down a ramp and a set of concrete steps to get your feet in the sand.

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If you are looking for a stretch of sand where you can truly relax, Charley Young Beach may be just what you are looking for. This place is beautiful, and even though it is right next to the high-traffic Kamaole beaches, Charley Young is one of the least populated beaches in Kihei. The last time we visited, the area was only occupied by a few families, some avid readers, several snorkelers, and a large sand sculpture of an octopus.

Sea turtles swim all along the coast here, and they are frequently seen around the small reef at the far end of this beach. If you are lucky enough to be swimming with one, please give the turtle at least 30 feet of space, so she can go about her turtle business in peace. Remember, you can use your video editing software to zoom in on her.

In addition to the snorkeling, Charley Young Beach is a great place to just swim about. It’s so rare that people get a chance to simply float, and we highly recommend the activity!

Enjoy Maui, and enjoy Charley Young Beach!

Charley Young Beach

Charley Young Beach Rating by Boss Frog's

Water Clarity - 8.5/10
Wildlife Abundance - 7/10
Reef Abundance - 7.5/10
Ease of Beach Access - 8/10
Sandy Beach For Entertaining - 8.5/10

Summary 7.9/10

This beautiful beach is on the far north end of South Kihei Road.  It is what you'll find when you stroll north along the sand from Kamaole Beach Park I.  There is a great lava formation on that side, housing fish and turtles.  Uncrowded much of the time, this is also a really good beach for watching the sunset.

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Charley Young Beach Maui