The Haleakala ride and the West Maui loop are Maui's premier bike rides. Our Maui bike rentals are perfect for this ride. There are many other rides to do however, these 2 take the cake. If you are in for a real challenge, the Haleakala bike ride is for you. The map below includes directions to the Haleakala Summit from Paia. There is a parking lot on Baldwin Avenue in Paia that you can park in. When driving into Paia turn right on Baldwin Avenue, the parking lot is a couple blocks up the street on the left.

Bike Ride Items and Useful Information

Be sure to get started early as this is when the conditions are best. You want to plan on at least 4 to 5 hours to get to the top. It should only take about an hour or so to get down. The best thing is to have someone pick you up at the top if you are not comfortable on long descents. Things to bring include a windbreaker, arm warmers, food, gels and 2 water bottles. You can stop at the Kula Lodge if you need additional food items or need to fill up with water. You can also get water from the ranger station in Haleakala National Park. Also bring some cash just in case you need to pay to get into the park. I believe it is $5 per person (click here for rates). Also do not forget your sunscreen!!!! Ride to the Summit Of HaleakalaAs you leave Paia town do a nice warm up on your way to Makawao Town. It is a moderate grade up to this point so take it easy, you do not want to burn out early. There is lots of slow climbing ahead. Follow the road straight through Makawao. You will turn right on Hanamu Rd, the Makawao Rodeo should be on the left hand side of the road. At the end of Hanamu, hang a left and just follow the signs to Haleakala National Park from there. The Kula Lodge sits at 3200 ft elevation. Your total climb is 10,023 ft. Your next elevation point of reference is the ranger station at the entrance to Haleakala National Park. It sits at the 6500 ft elevation mark. By the time you get here you will have ridden up the grinding steep switchback portion of the ride. After the ranger station it is just a slow what seems like a never ending grind to the top; perfect for us crazy type A personality cyclists. You will start to see elevation signs periodically. 10,023 ft is your goal!!!! When I take this Bike Ride I cannot wait to see the 9000 ft elevation sign. As you come up on the top of Haleakala you will see a visitor center and you will feel very relieved. However, the last section, the climb to the summit, will hit you right between the eyes, It is crazy steep!!! but short. Power it out and your there!!! Do not forget to stop and take plenty of pictures.