Skyline Bike Trail Maui

From the Kahului airport

, head East on State Hwy 36 (Hana Hwy) to State Hwy 37 (Haleakala Hwy). Head up Haleakala Hwy to State Hwy 377, which is still considered Haleakala Hwy. Stay on 377 until Crater Road. Crater Road will take you to the summit of Haleakala.

When you get to the summit drive through the area with the green cattle guard. This road will take you to the start of the Skyline trial. There is a sign that says Skyline Trial. It is in the area of the large cellphone/radar dish tower.

Be careful at the beginning of the trail. This is the most technical part with lots of loose volcanic cinder. The trial gets more hard packed as you descend. Follow the trail all the way down. You will end up on an asphalt road that descends right past the Kula Lavender Farm. This is a great place for your awaiting vehicle to pick up you and your Boss Frog’s rental bike.

If you wish to conquer a single track trail, ride the Mamane trail. You will see a sign for the trail shortly after you leave the summit. The Mamane trail meets back up with the Skyline trail, so no worries, you can’t get lost. If you decide to take this route, be aware that this is a single track trail and should only be attempted by the experienced mountain biker.

Make sure you have a helmet and all items to fix a flat tire. All these items will be included with your Boss Frog’s rental bike. If you are up for it, this is one of the most spectacular rides on the island.