Kupanaha, The Best Maui Magic and Comedy Show

by | May 7, 2016 | Maui Activities

Don’t miss the family fun of Kupanaha

Kupanaha, a Maui magic and comedy show, is located at Kaanapali Beach Hotel, just a few miles north of Lahaina. Check in is in the main lobby at 4:30.  3 1/2 hours of nonstop entertainment ensue, beginning with with some slight of hand magic while everyone waits to be seated. Then, as you enter the theater, you are offered your first beverage of the evening and shown to your table. An appetizer appears shortly, followed by beautiful hula dances and some table side magic. Shortly thereafter the main course arrives followed by dessert. The servers are very attentive and the bartender will make you anything you want, though Blue Hawaiian’s, Mai Tai’s, and wine are complimentary. Right around the time you take the last bite of your delicious cheesecake or nibble up your last bit of fruit, the lights dim and then…

Let the Maui Magic begin!

Kupanaha, The Best Maui Magic and Comedy Show

Maybe I just wasn’t expecting that much from a local show, but I was blown away. Everyone was laughing the whole time and the kids loved it. At one point all of the kids were actually invited onto the stage to help out with the magic. The illusions were spectacular; Kathleen was cut in half, appeared, disappeared, had her head twisted around and around, and even turned into a laminated poster for the last act.

With the entire staff available for a meet and greet after the show, I was able to pick up my (magical) photo and even get it signed by the magician himself!

Although I would recommend Kupanaha to anyone visiting Maui, I would especially recommend it to parents visiting with their children. Voted “Maui’s most amazing magic show” by Maui Island Guide and Driving Magazine, it truly is ‘Maui magic‘ at its finest. You’re sure to witness a show you won’t soon forget.

To book your reservations, please call 888-700-3764.

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