How Clean Is Your Snorkel Gear?

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Mask & Snorkel Sanitization - How Clean is your Snorkel Gear?

Renting beach and snorkeling gear is a great way to save money and inspire vacation adventures. By carrying your own mask, snorkel and fins, you are free to explore at your own pace, plan a snorkeling induced beach hop at some of Maui’s best beaches or jump in somewhere unexpected along the way. Agree with the concept but concerned about germs? You’re not alone! Nobody wants to swap spit with the last or the next vacationer.

Renting beach gear from the experts

The process for cleaning and sanitizing snorkels and masks is a standard that Boss Frog’s Hawaii employees take seriously. At all ten locations on Maui, three locations on Kauai and one in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, rental gear is received and processed in the same way. Once returned, masks and snorkels are separated from fins and bags. The mask and snorkels are placed in a large sink, where they are soaked in a mixture of dish soap and hospital grade sanitizer for one hour. They are then individually scrubbed by hand, rinsed and hung to dry before returning to the rack for rental. This ensures that all of the gear going out is safe and germ free. It also aids in reducing mask fog while snorkeling.

Reducing mask fog to increase visibility

There is nothing worse than a foggy mask while snorkeling. To reduce the risk of missing once in a lifetime marine life sightings or spending most of your time at the surface adjusting your mask, anti-fog solution is highly recommended. To use: 

  1. Squirt or spray a small amount of solution into both sides of the mask (on the inside)
  2. Move the mask from side to side to spread the liquid

There is no need to rinse out the ant fog solution and definitely do not rub it with your fingers or a towel.

Caring for your gear ensures the best possible snorkeling experience

If you are renting snorkel gear to use during your vacation to Hawaii, there are a few tips that can improve visibility. When you get back from the beach, be sure to rinse the snorkel gear thoroughly with fresh water. This can also been done at most beach parks as outdoor showers are a regular amenity in Hawaii. If you’d like to clean your mask, you can do so using toothpaste or detergent and if you’d like to disinfect the snorkel between uses, a small amount of dish detergent and a soak in some warm water will suffice. Be sure to rinse your gear after cleaning and dry with a soft cloth, then hang somewhere out of direct sunlight.

Rent instead of using the gear that comes with your vacation rental 

By renting snorkeling gear from a reputable operation like Boss Frog’s Hawaii, you can rest assured that your equipment has been well sanitized and is of the best quality. Exploring under the surface of the ocean on a snorkel tour or a self-led adventure to some of the best snorkeling locations is one of top activities to enjoy in Hawaii. A well fitted mask with properly cared for lenses makes all the difference. The experts at Boss Frog’s will make sure you have the appropriate size of mask and fins, and show you how to properly use your gear. They also have great tips on when and where to see the best marine life on island. Don’t miss the turtle you came all the way to Hawaii to see!

Take advice from some of our past customers:

Very friendly & helpful staff! Justin always went above & beyond making sure we had exactly what we needed & for the time we would be using it. He gave us so many tips on where to snorkel, what spots to stop at on the road to Hana & more!! The equipment quality is wonderful. Prices are reasonable. This is the place to go for the best equipment with the BEST quality service & staff!!!” -Alicia Thoreson, Boss Frog’s Hawaii Kihei customer

As a visitor, we had a great experience with snorkel rental at Boss Frog’s. The staff was knowledgeable about the different snorkel equipment and made sure everything fit properly. We rented the snorkel gear for 24 hours and you can return them to any Boss Frog location which was great for us.”-Steffani Fletcher, Boss Frog’s Hawaii Lahaina customer

To learn more about snorkeling, to rent snorkeling gear or to book a boat trip to Molokini, visit any Boss Frog’s location, chat with an activity specialist or visit our website.