Healthy in Hawaii

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Hawaii is consistently ranked as the happiest AND the healthiest state in America, for good reason. Fueled by the freshest local ingredients and natural vitamins, the most secluded island chain in the world is overflowing with ways to achieve those resolutions for physical health and self care. Here are some of our top reasons why it is so easy to be healthy in Hawaii: 

Aloha Spirit  

The concept of Aloha is one of the best reasons why we are so healthy in Hawaii. By a legislative act, Hawaii became officially known as the “Aloha State” in 1959. The word ‘Aloha’ can be used to express greetings of hello and goodbye but it also expresses love, peace and compassion.

The Healing Power of the Ocean

The ocean has a way of refreshing the mind, body and spirit. Best enjoyed before trade winds pick up, an early morning paddle board, surf or hike is by far the most healthy start to a day. Whether floating on it or exploring beneath it, the ocean does wonders for one’s mental health.

The Freshest Air

Inhale the scent of fresh plumeria flowers and ocean breeze, exhale any negative energy. Mental health can only improve with an abundance of fresh air activities to enjoy in solitude or good company. Not surprisingly, Hawaii is also reported as the state with the cleanest average air in America.

Natural Beauty is Everywhere

What comes to mind when you think of beauty in nature? Is it spinner dolphins jumping in the sunset, double rainbows, the perfect crest of a wave, cascade of a waterfall, or the most brilliant fragrant flowers? Put a check mark next to all the above on Hawaii’s report card of natural beauty.

Vitamin D is Free

Is it a coincidence that Hawaii ranks as the happiest state in America and also receives year round sunshine? Not at all. Known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D  is essential for strong bones and protects against a host of health problems including depression. So you can ditch the supplements, done the reef safe sunscreen and smile!

Just Relax

‘Island time’ is a slower pace, no rushing or stressing allowed. Palm trees sway and gentle waves lap the shore as you soak in that beneficial vitamin D and lower your heart rate knowing that a healthy vacation was just what you needed. Even the fantasy of Hawaii is enough to calm ones nerves and get some serious mental clarity.

Outdoor Activities 

Find your zen with beach front yoga, meditate to the rhythm of a paddle in the ocean or get high on the adrenaline that comes from catching your first (and every one after) wave on a surfboard. Exercise comes in many forms when being healthy in Hawaii, no screen time or gym pass required.

Tropical Fruit is Oh So ‘Ono (delicious) 

Roadside fruit stands run on the honor system and offer a buffet of fresh tropical fruits including the iconic Hawaiian pineapple, fragrant passion fruits and over 30 varieties of avocados. Ever tried a dragon fruit, an acai bowl or a lychee? You can and you should in your quest to be healthy in Hawaii.

An iced cold coconut or fresh squeezed lime over a ripe papaya makes for the ultimate post beach snack. Those same papayas will keep your cells healthy and protected with their potent antioxidant vitamins. Papaya improves collagen in the skin and protects vision with beta-carotene three times easier to absorb than carrots or tomatoes. It is rich in fiber which aids in digestion, supports heart health and can even prevent cancer.

You’re not getting any younger but you can have more fun. Being healthy in Hawaii is not only easy but soul fulfilling. Early mornings are followed by early bedtimes and plenty of rest for that next adventure in paradise. Year round sunshine, perfect temperatures, plenty of fresh air and a culture built around the concept of Aloha make that next Hawaiian vacation not only a good idea, but a healthy one.