Haleakala Ride

By Boss Frog's
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Enjoy a leisurely ride down or a grueling climb to the top or both if your up for it but be very careful. The road up Haleakala is the steepest road ascent in the world to 10,000 feet and climbing it to swiftly can result in serious altitude sickness if you aren’t careful.

Haleakala Bike Ride - Boss Frog'sApart from that warning, serious bikers do conquer it every single day and conquer is surely the right word for anyone who makes it to the top. But for those of us whom find that glory is as much in the pleasures of coasting as it is in the victory of self elevating, you can always get dropped off at the top and make your way down on the bike. The ride down Haleakala is indeed leisurely, but if your not an experienced biker we recommend you join a tour as there are several that come down each day. You can even try this great group ride down the mountain.


If your going to do it alone or outside outside of a tour, be sure to:

  1. Watch for cars.
  2. Watch your speed; long straightaways followed by sharp turns have have lured more than one person to the hospital.
  3. Take breaks; if your not in perfect shape, take a break or two on the way down. Your eyes and memories will thank you.

On the way down if you’re ready you can take a great break at Kula Lodge where they also have a market if your’e just int he mood for a quick snack. You can bike all the way to Kihei from here if your in reasonable shape.