Kukio Beach

Beach Location: Just outside the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at 72-100 Kaupulehu Drive, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Amenities: Restrooms, outdoor showers, drinking fountains, picnic tables, walking paths, and trash and recycle bins.
Kid Friendly: No
Lifeguards: No
Directions and Parking: Coming from the Kona Airport, drive north on Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway for 6.5 miles. When you see “Hualalai” in white letters on a lava rock wall on the left hand side of the highway, turn left onto Kaupulehu Drive. Drive down the road and stop at the gate, where you’ll talk with an employee of the Four Seasons Resort. Let them know you’re visiting the beach, and they’ll hand you a beach parking pass that is good for the whole day, from sunrise to sunset. Once you go through the gate, take an immediate left to cross the same road you just drove down. Continue driving up the hill, even though it feels as though you’re heading away from the ocean. Parking is at the end of the road in well marked spaces. The parking lot also has all the restrooms, outdoor showers, drinking fountains, and trash cans in the area. To find Kukio Beach, follow the “Beach Access” signs. You’ll enjoy some absolutely wonderful walkways and cross some ponds before you even reach the brilliant beach!

  • Ease of Beach Access - 5/10
  • Sandy Beach For Entertaining - 5/10


The sand at Kukio Beach is almost bright white. This is a really beautiful beach to lay out on and read a book, or just lounge in the sun. This is not a good spot for Kona snorkeling. Kukio is less crowded than other Kona beaches, because the hotel staff limits the number of cars entering. All the facilities are located in the parking lot - about a 10 minute stroll from the beach. Swimming here is unsafe. The water is rough and shallow, and the bottom is covered with large rocks. Although you won't be getting into the water here, the area has some breathtaking natural beauty to enjoy on dry land. Before you even reach the beach, there are some great little wetlands to see! In addition, many honu (sea turtles) haul themselves out at Kukio Beach to nap and get some sun. These animals need their R & R just as much as we do, so please maintain a distance of 30 feet, and use a zoom lens for photographs. The honu will appreciate your kindness. Thank you. Enjoy <a href="https://bossfrog.com/big-island/kukio-beach/" Kukio Beach!

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 808-856-4274.


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