Whale Season is Coming to an End

By Boss Frog's
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It’s been a good season,  but all of our beautiful whale friends are heading back to their summer homes. Most of them will be traveling to Alaska where food is plentiful and they can fatten up before returning to the Hawaiian Islands again next winter, to mate and have their babies.

Whale season doesn’t officially end until May 15th, but usually by then there are just a couple whales left off our shores. If you really want to see them you should get out on the water as soon as possible.

The great thing about whale season is that whales don’t care why you are on the ocean. You can be headed to Molokini on  a snorkel adventure, going to lanai on a hard bottom raft, enjoying a sunset dinner cruise, or you can be out on a boat specifically to see these giant mammals, and the chances of getting great whale pictures are all the same. Whales are so accustomed to boats they will swim very close to and even under the vessels, giving the guests unique photo opportunities. Just to see a whale is an amazing gift, but wait until you hear the sounds they make. When you are underwater snorkeling or diving you can actually hear them talking to each other, and from a boat you can hear them “breath” as they clear their blow hole.

With so many available activities, it’s hard to narrow down your choices.

A Molokini snorkel trip is the best activity for a morning adventure. The boats leave out of Maalaea harbor and cruise right through the prime whale spotting waters on the way to the crater. Dinner Cruises out of Maalaea are also a great way to spot whales while watching a beautiful Maui sunset. Not every boat that goes out will see whales due to the fact that they are wild animals. We have bribed them numerous times, but they are not interested in our money. Sometimes they are in another area, or are to busy matting and having babies to be bothered with us humans. If you want a guaranteed whale sighting, you’re best bet is to go on a Whale Watch. These are boats that go out with the sole intention of seeing whales, and if no whales are spotted, you get to go out again on a second trip for FREE!

Just remember, the whales have heard their calling and are leaving quickly. The sooner you get out on the water, the more whales you are likely to see.

Happy Whale Watching!