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Two of the best possible rides aren’t with a road bike or mountain bike at all. Indeed, if you just want to chill, maybe even beating automobile traffic and enjoy a lazy day in the sultry summer sun of Maui try a beach cruiser for a day in Lahaina or Kihei.
You can cruise up and down Front Street quite easily, browsing the shops along the way and enjoying the many people milling about. Your course runs as far as you like but centers on Front Street from the Cannery Mall to 505, with very small excursions to the wharf. Some people go up and down the street all day long, finding great snacks, interesting conversations with colorful people, and enjoying the artwork, music and general bustle of this most enchanting and historic town.

If your in Kihei, your course is longer, from Sugar Beach to Wailea, even Makena and La Perouse for the adventuresome), you’ll have a grand time at every beach park along the way. This is a truly delightful way to spend the day in the most casual of modes.
Make sure to bring your bike lock and lock up at the many shops and parks you visit on the way. You can ride your bike in the parks but when swimming, its definitely worth locking.

Here’s just a few of the beautiful sites you’ll see any day on Maui. Aloha!

What you might see biking around Maui