Grandmas Coffe HouseSomeone may refer you to the destination Out Grandma’s Way or to Ulupalakua as a great biking destination while your on Maui. Grandma’s Coffee house is indeed an excellent destination and many road bikers stop there before turning around or going farther out toward Ulupalakua and points beyond. Grandma’s has great coffee (it actually has coffee trees growing up through its outside deck) and greater desserts like Tiramisu, decadent carrot cake, chocolate chip cheesecake and more as well as a regular lunch and snacks menu. Look at the pictures on the wall, feel the history.
A great place to start heading for Grandmas is from Pukalani Superette or the new Longs Drugs in Pukalani. Park your car, get the bike out and ride.

Historical Liberator of China If you continue on after Grandma’s you’ll reach Sun Yat Sen Park, can you believe this Historical Liberator of China was actually born right here in Kula Maui Hawaii? It’s true and here is a statue to him and a walking park/garden besides, amazing! After you leave Grandma’s, take the lower road heading South you’ll see a pull off after just 1.8 miles. You’ll see the dragons if you look. Its a lovely place with picnic tables if you want to sit and gaze at the sea or lie on the grass and listen to the birds chirping.

Ulupalukua Road BikePast the park is Ulupalakua and Kenaio where you can see this very spectacular view of the LaPerouse lava flow spreading out below.We skipped right past Tedeschi winery and the Ulupalakua general store but we’ll show you them another time. This ride is not very steep up or down and is almost always in temperate weather, cooler up on the mountain but with some sprinkles, light winds and mists. You will pass through lava, forests and swing past small churches and graveyards among a host of other delightful sights. The ocean lays beneath you most of the time.
We look forward to seeing you and hope you have the chance to go n this as well as many other rides here on the island. Aloha!

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