Chris Mosk and I did a great Maui bike ride from Lahaina to Wailuku this morning. This is a 40 mile round trip ride. It’s excellent if your goal is to do a nice flat ride. It starts in Lahaina, goes south towards Maalaea Harbor then heads north to Wailuku. Today was exceptional because there was absolutely no wind. This made for perfect Maui biking conditions. Quite a bit of the time the trade winds blow from the North and you have to head into them going to Wailuku. Of course, on the way back you have a great tail wind. This ride takes about an hour and thirty minutes. It is flat most of the way except in the area of the Pali. The Pali is the area on the Lahaina side of Maalaea Harbor where the only tunnel on the island is located. This is a great ride if your just looking to cruise but want to do some distance. We are gearing up for the Maui Stage Race in April. This ride offers great views as all of the highway on the Lahaina side of Maalea runs along the ocean. It’s also a fabulous view of the Maalaea basin when you are coming back from Wailuku. Its not uncommon to see a whale breaching out in the distance. By the way, this is whale season. Boss Frog’s offers a great 2 for 1 whale watch. Be sure to get out early because the sooner you get out there, the less windy it will be.
By Chris Kasper

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