Check out Hawaiian Sea Life in the Underwater World of Maui’s Ocean Center

by | May 7, 2016 | Maui Activities

If you’re visiting Maui with your family, chances are, you want to check out our awesome sea life. Depending on  the age of your kids, there are a couple ways to do this. You can snorkel from the shore, take a charter boat to an exciting snorkel destination like Molokini Crater or Lanai’i, or go to the aquarium. Snorkeling from shore is easy. All you do is pick up some snorkel rental gear and head to your favorite beach. For destination snorkeling you can call one of our knowledgeable agents and they will set you up with the perfect trip. (888) 700-3764


Maui Ocean Center

The Living Reef - Maui Ocean Center

The ocean center is a different type of sea life viewing: For those who don’t want to snorkel, small children, and people who want to see a larger variety of see creatures. The ocean center doesn’t just have fish, they have turtles, jellies, a tide pool where you can touch the exhibits, moray eels, a marine mammal discovery center,  and my favorite, Hammerhead Harbor. Hammerhead Harbor is a shark tank that has sting rays, hammerheads, white and black tips, and many other types of sharks. If your feeling really brave and are a certified diver, you can actually dive with these giant fish in the Ocean Center’s ‘Shark Dive Maui’ program!

Open 9-5, every day of the year, the Maui Ocean Center is an easy and affordable Maui activity, with vouchers  available at any of our Boss Frogs locations. It is located at Ma’alaea Harbor, about 15 min south of Lahaina and 10 min from Kihei. The average tour time is about 2 hours, so plan accordingly. There are also a couple of restaurants in the area and Maui Golf and Sports Park is just across the parking lot. Open at 10 am every day, they offer mini golf, an x-treme trampoline, rock climbing and bumper boats, and a water playground coming soon. How much fun can you pack into one day?!

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