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Nobody should miss out on an amazing ocean adventure due to age or abilities! Simply choose the category that fits you best, and we’ll provide a list of options that will appeal to everyone!


Early Bird Special

#1 AM Molokini Snorkel – Calypso

Morning sunshine! Embark on this vibrant and early adventure for the perfect start to your day! Explore Molokini and Turtle Town through snorkeling, complemented by your boat’s glass bottom and water slide. Enjoy provided breakfast and lunch – all you need to do is join in and have a blast! For additional details, check out Calypso Molokini Charter.

#2 Bottom Fishing – Maui Fun Charters

Seemingly, the proverbial worm isn’t reserved for the early birds alone! Join this lively and rapid fishing expedition, complete with bait, tackle, snacks, and the expert assistance you may require from their seasoned crew. The exciting part? You get to keep whatever you reel in! Bring home your dinner with this charter! Explore more details at our Maui Fishing Trips.

Night Owls

Not everyone is keen on waking up with the rooster’s crow, especially if a couple of mai tais were part of last night’s festivities! No worries—there’s plenty to indulge in for those who prefer to revel after the sun sets.

#1 Dinner Cruise on Quicksilver Charters

If you’re in the mood for romance, an enchanting dinner cruise with your special someone is a perfect choice. Enjoy a delightful dinner, live music, and dancing beneath the stars! Sail past the coastlines of Moloka’i, Lana’i, and Maui as the island’s enchantment surrounds you. There’s even a chance for a complimentary whale sighting! For additional details, check out the Quicksilver Charters Dinner Cruise.

#2 Kelii’s 2 Hour Sunset Kayak Tour

If you’d rather witness the spectacular sunset vanish beyond the horizon while seated in the cockpit of your personal kayak, then this is your opportunity! Cherish this moment with only your selected boat companion, and upon your return to shore, revel in a celebratory glass of champagne because every day is a cause for celebration on the island! For additional details, visit Kayak Tours.

Adrenaline Junkie

For those who define a tropical vacation by elevating adventure to new heights, we’ve discovered the ideal spot to unleash your inner speed demon!

#1 Jet Ski with Pacific Jet Sports

Embark on an exhilarating journey on the adventurous side of Kaanapali with a jet ski ride! Witness the breathtaking scenery of Maui whizzing by as you relish a full 1 1/2 hours of unadulterated fun! For additional details, visit Pacific Jet Sports.

#2 Take Windsurfing Lessons with Action Sports Maui

Maui boasts formidable winds, creating an ideal playground for those seeking to soar across the ocean with a surfboard beneath their feet and a kite harnessed to their back! Caution! You might find yourself addicted to this extraordinary sport.

#3 Parasailing with West Maui Parasailing

If you find it hard to choose between the ocean and the sky, why not experience both? Glide above the turquoise waters, towed by a high-tech speed boat, and savor the panoramic paradise below. It’s a stunning way to challenge gravity! For additional details, visit West Maui Parasailing.

Short on Time

Not every vacationer has the luxury of a leisurely schedule. If you’re seeking some quick and enjoyable activities without dedicating an entire day, this list is tailored for you!

#1 Molokini Express with Blue Water Rafting

This brief scuba tour is a concise two hours, ensuring at least an hour is dedicated to water exploration! There’s no need to allocate an entire day to swim among vibrant schools of tropical fish. Plus, you’ll still have ample time to make it to dinner punctually. For additional details, check out Blue Water Rafting Molokini Express.

#2 Coral Garden 3 Hour pm Sail with Paragon Sail

You don’t need an abundance of time to revel in the stunning allure of the Coral Garden. The Paragon II will swiftly transport you to this secluded cove along the cliffs of the West Maui Mountains, offering a visual feast of turtles, vibrant fish, and even a few manta rays! For more details, visit Coral Garden Paragon Sail.

Discover your ideal adventure with this useful guide! Now, venture into the deep blue sea and create some unforgettable memories!