Doors Off Island Helicopter Tour

by | May 7, 2016 | Maui Activities

Every once in awhile, everything goes your way and awesome opportunities just come your way. Last week I was asked to go on an island helicopter tour of Maui. Did you read that correctly?  HELICOPTER TOUR! Well of course I said I would love to, and yes, it was an amazing trip.

Doors Off Island Helicopter Tour Maui Hawaii

It started out with the scenic drive from Lahaina to the Heliport over in Kahului. Because the highway follows the shoreline along west Maui, it is always beautiful. Once at Alex Air we checked in with the front desk and were fitted for our flight suits. Since this was going to be a doors off tour I made sure to wear an extra layer of clothes; even in Hawaii it gets cold when you are 9,000 ft in the air! After a quick safety briefing we had our picture taken in front of our helicopter and loaded in for take off. Wow! Take of was thrilling. You could feel the Helicopter as it began to lift straight up hovering just inches above the ground, slowly gaining elevation until the front end dipped slightly as we began moving forward.

When they said it was an island doors off helicopter tour, they really meant it. We saw everything from Haleakala Crater to black sand beaches and the Hana Rainforest Preserve. There were so many remote waterfalls, pools, and trees inaccessible from the ground, and because there were no doors on the helicopter all my pictures turned out perfect. We also had a great guide who knew so much about the island. He told us all about everything we were seeing and also told us legends and cultural stories from the past. The headsets that Alex Air provided us with had 2 way communication, so we could ask the pilot any questions we had while in route.

By the time we got back to the heliport, the pictures we took in front of the helicopter before we took off were developed and waiting for us. Turns out, it’s now one of my favorite pics- not everyone gets the chance to fly around Maui in a helicopter. If you’re thinking about going on an island helicopter tour I would definitely recommend the ‘doors off’version. Any of our agents here at Boss Frog’s can help you out, or you can book online at And if your wondering, I think it’s something no one should miss out on!

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