I know this is late, however I want to say a little something about the Cycle to the Sun bike race on Maui, Hawaii. It’s a 36 mile, 10k feet climb from Paia to the summit of Haleakala Crater. It is an awesome Maui bike ride. It starts at about 6am in Paia, right off Baldwin Avenue on Haleakala Highway.

Chris on Boss Frog's Road Bike MauiIf you’re smart, draft off the leaders until you hit at least Makawao town. In Makawao, there is a steep climb. This is where it’s hard to keep up with the lead group, however, if you are fit, be my guest. I was able to drop Mosk during my run to Makawao, however, he was able to catch up with me later in the ride and ultimately beat me by a large amount of time: 3 whole minutes- Ha. I thought I would love this bike ride, but it did get really painful. As you can see in the pictures, Mosk and I started the day all smiles but by about the 7k elevation I was in some pain. There is also a pic of me coming across the finish line. It was really windy this year during the ride and that was a real bummer. My bike held up much better than I did. My time was 4:03. The leaders came in at 2:45. How they did that I don’t know; strong and tiny I imagine. Anyway this is a great Maui bike ride if you really like a challenge. There are food and water stations along the way so you will never run out of jell or water. You will need a ride back down to Paia, or I believe the organizer runs a shuttle. It’s $200 to enter for non residents and $175 for residents. Check out the official cycle to the sun website for full details and information, and more information about Haleakala Crater – click here.

Boss Frog’s rents bikes that are great for this ride, full carbon, high quality components and the proper gearing. You can’t go wrong.
For more information please email use here, or call 808-661-3333.

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