Cruising Kihei?

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Traffic in Kihei can at times be monotonous. Kihei is only a few miles from end to end. Add Wailea, even Makena and you’ve got about ten miles to cover. You can go to a beach, a movie, out to eat, shopping, or one of the many parks. On a bike you can cover ground almost as fast as a car during busier times of day. You can take in the scenery and look people in the eye and smile as you ride by or even stop and talk story. You can get a lot of fresh air biking. Biking is a great aerobic exercise and is low impact. No one will be behind you making you rush and if there’s a typically fantastic Maui sunset, you can stop where you are and take it all in.

“But”, you say, “I’m only visiting Maui” or “I don’t have a bike”. That’s where Boss Frog’s Dive Surf and Bike shops come in. Located conveniently in three areas of Kihei, Boss Frog’s has comfortable and professionally maintained bikes to suit your pleasure.

Boss Frog’s in Central Kihei is the perfect place to rent a bike and head to all points North and South.


Come on in from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily to rent a beach cruiser, a hybrid, a mountain bike or road bike. To book road or mountain bikes a day or less in advance call (808) 661-3333 at any time to see what is available. You can even reserve a mountain or road bike right here at our online Maui bike rental reservations system.

Maui’s Mayor Alan Arakawa rides the newly opened Kihei Bikeway in July 2011. Kahu Alalani Hill blesses the Kihei Bikeway and Don Couch discusses upcoming additions.