How Long Should A Paddle Board Be?

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While surfing may be intimidating to some, paddle boarding is a sport almost anyone can enjoy. This activity doesn’t need a ton of equipment. Plus, paddle board rentals can be found near many beaches throughout the islands.

Paddle boarding is a popular activity among tourists and residents of Hawaii. It's relatively easy to learn and safe for people of all ages and sizes. Paddle boarding is also very exciting and gives you an incredible, close-up view of Hawaii's marine life.

Whether they know how to paddleboard or not, everyone who visits Hawaii should try this activity once. Paddle boarding is a fun on-the-water experience you must try when you visit the beautiful islands.

One of the first things you’ll do when beginning your paddle boarding journey is choosing a paddleboard. It’s important to choose a paddleboard that’s the right length for you. Keep reading below to learn how long your paddleboard should be and get some bonus tips for paddle boarding!

What's Your Correct Paddle Board Length?

Choosing the right paddleboard can be confusing for beginners. The length of your paddleboard depends on your body weight and sometimes height. It can also depend on the kind of paddle boarding you want to do.

Following are the average length of paddleboards according to your weight:

  • 50 – 125 lbs – 9’ to 10’6 or 11’6
  • 125-150 lbs – 10’6 to 11’6
  • 150 – 175 lbs – 10’6 to 11’6 or 12’6
  • 175 – 200 lbs – 11’6 to 12’6
  • 200 – 225 lbs – 11’6 to 12’6 or more than 12’6
  • 225 – 275 lbs – more than 12’6

Keep in mind that the paddleboard you choose should be able to carry your weight. If your paddleboard is unable to maintain your weight, it will ride too low in the water and be unstable. Worst case scenario, the paddleboard sinks.

Furthermore, it would be best if you also take notice of the width of the paddleboard. Wider paddle boards provide more stability. However, it can slow you down, and if it is too wide for you, it makes paddleboarding quite tricky.

Additionally, the type of paddle boarding matters. If you’re planning on hauling large bags, coolers, or other items on your paddleboard because you’re exploring long distances, you’ll want to choose one that’s both long and wide. If it’s only you on the board, follow the weight parameters above.

Tips For New Paddle Boarders

If you are new to paddle boarding, there are a few things you should know as a beginner, such as:

Double-Check That Your Board is Facing the Correct Direction

Many beginners do not realize which end is the board's front. Also, make sure you place the paddle blade forward and bend behind you.

Learn How to Fall Correctly

When it comes to paddle boarding, falling is inevitable. Therefore, make sure the water you choose is shoulder deep and does not have any obstacles, such as rocks, so you do not hit anything underwater when you fall. Lastly, ensure you fall away from the board to keep you from hurting yourself with it.

Look at the Horizon

Feeling unstable while paddle boarding is quite normal. Many people tend to look down at the board to stabilize themselves and look for marine life. Instead of looking down, look towards the horizon, raise your head, straighten your back and make sure your weight is evenly distributed on the board. You'll likely find you're able to maintain your balance if you watch the horizon.

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