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It was another beautiful morning in paradise when we arrived at the Boss Frog’s snorkel, bike and beach gear rental shop in central Kihei. Parking was easy to find with no fee and we were welcomed with much aloha from long time employee and customer service expert, Bear.

Today was the day we would learn to ride an electric bike and have an epic Maui adventure on the self led bike, hike and snorkel South Maui tour. Don’t let the word ‘tour’ throw you off, this was very much a self led adventure. The preparation and direction provided by Bear made the day that much more relaxing and care free.

Anyone can ride an electric bicycle and the staff at Boss Frog’s made the learning process very easy. A quick rundown of the bike mechanics and a parking lot tutorial was all we needed to get on the road. We chose the most popular route for this self-guided bike, hike and snorkel South Maui tour: the ‘Wailea Coastal Trail Hike & Snorkel’.

We had SO much fun, with a perfect mix of electric bike riding, hiking and snorkeling. We even fit in a beachside lunch. Hills were a breeze and we loved how quiet the bikes were. The sounds of the waves hitting the sand and the birds in the trees were our road trip soundtrack as we cruised through Kihei and Wailea in style.

Turning right at the sign for Ulua Beach in Wailea, we coasted past the parking lots all the way to the end of the road where the beach path begins. Locking up the bikes was easy and our lack of valuables added to the care free vibe of the day.

Throwing our snorkeling gear over our shoulders, we started off on the ‘hike’ portion of the self led tour. There are endless rocky outcrops and points to snorkel along this route, interrupted only by even more beautiful white sand beaches. One could hop in and out of the water a dozen times along the beachside boardwalk that follows the coastline of Wailea. We chose to enter the crystal clear (perfect temperature) water from the Kihei side of Wailea Beach. Following the rocky shoreline, we encountered an array of marine life including more Humuhumunukunukuapua’a than I’d ever seen in one place. The coral was very alive (including vana/urchins so be careful not to touch). Two turtle encounters made our day.

Post snorkel on the bike, hike and snorkel South Maui tour called for a refreshing beverage and lunch at the convenient beach side café. Sufficiently re charged, we strolled the boardwalk back to our awaiting electric bicycles. The hike portion of the self led tour is appropriate for all abilities as it is a well maintained coastal boardwalk with very little elevation change.

The ride back to Boss Frog’s along South Kihei Rd was even more fun, as we were by now expert ‘e bikers’ and could really take in the sights. There are plenty of opportunities to stop for shopping, snacking, selfies or more dips in the sea along the route back to the shop.

After a memorable and active (yet much less exhausting than the title of this tour implies) day on our bike, hike and snorkel South Maui adventure, dropping off the gear was simple and easy.

Should you be up for a packed day of bike, hike and snorkel South Maui during your vacation, here are some of our top tips to get the most out of your valuable time in paradise:

Start Your South Maui Activities Early

We arrived at the Boss Frog’s shop on South Kihei Rd around 9:30am and returned at about 1:00pm but I would recommend being ready to go when the shop opens at 8:00am if possible. Picking up the gear and learning the bikes takes at least half an hour and I am not complaining. We left the shop feeling confident in our ability to ride the electric bikes and with clear directions on where we wanted to go on our grand adventure. Another reason to start early is the general rule that water clarity for snorkeling will be best in the morning hours before that perfect Hawaiian breeze picks up.

Pack Light

One of the best things about this tour was the lack of gear and the freedom that comes with sightseeing by bicycle. No need to find parking or worry about where to put the keys while you’re in the water snorkeling with turtles! A light towel, closed toe shoes, sunscreen, bathing suit and (reusable) water bottle are sufficient. Oh, and maybe a credit card for post snorkel tacos and beverages 😉

Stay Flexible – South Maui Has A Lot To Do!

Again, one of our top reasons why we LOVED the self guided tour is because there was no set itinerary. Just have the bike back to the shop by 3:30pm, the rest is up to you! While there are suggestions as to where to ride and snorkel, as well as some rules of the road, it’s totally up to you to choose the best beaches to visit, how far to hike and where to snorkel. The lack of direction while still having some general guidance was the perfect balance.

Use the Throttle

There is no need to break a sweat. An electric bike can be powered like a far less powerful motorcycle or scooter, with a total lack of physical exertion. Save your energy for turtle tracking!