Best Maui Bike Rides To Try During Your Visit

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Spending leisure time outside is one of the best ways to unwind and have fun. This is especially true for outdoorsy travelers or adventure-seekers because there are a lot of activities you can do if you’re looking to get out of the house and into paradise.

Maui is among the excellent locations where you can enjoy a wide range of activities. The island of Maui offers tons of activities, among which is bike riding. With its abundance of bike paths and roads, this is certainly a great spot that can accommodate cycling enthusiasts or people who just want to have fun. Here, you also get to bask in the beauty of its scenic views and natural landscapes as you take yourself out for a ride.

Because of this, we have listed down the best bike rides you should try during your visit to the wonderful land of Maui.

Self Guided Bike & Turtle Snorkel

This self-guided bike and turtle snorkel tour allows you to experience Maui’s water sports destinations alongside its biking activities. Here, you have the chance to ride along the coastline of West Maui while enjoying its panoramic views up to Wahikuli Beach Park. You can also opt for snorkeling by the reefs that are beaming with plenty of tropical fish as well as the vast Hawaiian wildlife.

Self Guided Bike & Hike Tour

You can kickstart your day with a smooth and effortless cruise on an electric bike, all the way down to the Lahaina coastline then following the route up to the breathtaking West Maui Mountains. After which, you get to enjoy an easy hike toward the Launiupoko Valley Trail that leads to the picturesque Launiupoko reservoir. You can also marvel at the ruins of an old Hawaiian village from back in the day. When you’re done, you’ll then bike the West Maui coastline up until the Wahikuli Beach Park. You can also take time to have a quick visit to the Black Rock, Kahekili Beach Park, and Olowalu Reef for an extraordinary snorkeling experience! When going down this bike route, light pedaling is advised.

Makawao Forest Reserve

This unique and beautiful forest prides itself on its wonderful flora and fauna, as well as its spectacular view of the island and the ocean. Compared to Maui’s beaches, the Makawao Forest reserve has relatively cooler temperatures, which makes it a nice place to take a break from the sun’s heat. Here, you’ll also get to enjoy a ride along its mountain bike trails, even offering different double and single-track trails to accommodate any rider. We recommend that you bike to Paia Town first for lunch, and then ride up to the park. Here, you’ll see an entrance by which you can follow signs to the west and east loop trails. Locals in the area have also made a thrilling downhill trail that includes gap jumps, log rides, and more.

Do note that bike trails in this forest tend to wet most of the time, so it’s important to pedal with caution. Large roots along the way may also result in problems so take it slow as well. It’s important to look at a Makawao Forest Reserve trail map before riding this route.

The West Maui Loop

Initially known as a popular and challenging bike ride, the West Maui loop offers you a getaway from the bustle of the island alongside cliffside ocean views that you will truly enjoy. You’ll have to follow the bike route clockwise, just as it is described. From Ma’alaea which is considered to be the most accessible location, you can move over to Pali to Ukumehame, then past the well-known Launiupoko surf spots. From here, you get to climb the hills up to Kapalua. Do remember to be prepared for the possibility of high winds and rain showers, especially if you’re traveling through this path by yourself. After which, there’s the incredible view of cliffs, historic churches, and the open ocean that you can marvel at as you travel the next few miles with steady descents.

Kula Forest Reserve

The Kula Forest Reserve is an ideal escape destination for people wanting to get away from the noise of the crowds. It’s also an equally great spot for bike rides, with the place being open for seven different trails suited for mountain bikes.

This route allows you to bask in the beauty of nature as you travel through Pukalani and Waipoli Road. You also get to enjoy a thrilling mountain climb along the way, until you enter the forest at about 6,400 elevations.

Experience Maui’s Best Bike Rides!

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