Best Activities in Central Maui

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Central Maui offers a variety of attractions, from ponds to plantations, catering to the interests of all visitors!


Boat Bound

Imagine steering a boat through the turquoise waters while the sky paints a breathtaking sunset. It’s easy to understand why boat rides are a must on many Maui bucket lists! Whether you crave an adventurous morning or prefer a leisurely dinner cruise, we have both options covered.

*Frogman Molokini Snorkeling Trip

Experience an incredible snorkeling adventure where the crystal-clear waters provide visibility up to 100 feet, fulfilling all your tropical fish fantasies. If fortune smiles upon you, sightings may include monk seals and dolphins! Accompanied by skilled guides, embark on a thrilling journey aboard their 55-foot catamaran as they lead you to the prime snorkeling spots around Molokini!

*Quicksilver Dinner Cruise

Indulge in a scene straight out of a romantic movie! Picture a tropical sunset, accompanied by live music, as you embark on a cocktail and dinner cruise that epitomizes paradise. Following a sumptuous prime rib dinner, venture below deck to dance the night away on their lively dance floor! This cruise offers the ideal way to spend a magical night in Maui.

Fish & Chips

Interestingly, the fish and chips are distinct stops on this journey. From exploring a stunning aquarium to savoring a meal at a local eatery, these two upcoming destinations promise a day filled with delightful adventures!

*Maui Ocean Center

Let’s begin with the fish! At this captivating aquarium, exclusively featuring Hawaiian marine life, you’re in for a locally immersive and informative experience. The extensive knowledge and ocean safety insights shared during your visit make it a valuable stop for everyone in your group. Be sure not to miss their impressive 750,000-gallon shark tank, consistently housing a diverse array of sizable fish!

*Maalaea General Store

After immersing yourself in the wonders of the Maui Ocean Center, head down to the Maalaea General Store for a delicious meal! For a taste of local cuisine, consider trying their Local Moco Burger—a half-pound natural Maui beef patty topped with an egg, smothered in gravy, served with two scoops of rice, and a side of macaroni salad! If you prefer something less adventurous, the menu offers a variety of burgers, salads, and sandwiches. This locally sourced eatery provides the perfect setting to unwind with a harbor view.

Puddles and Ponds

Not all of Maui is adorned with palm trees and sandy beaches. The following two stops cater to the needs of nature enthusiasts, offering expansive open spaces and the delightful company of numerous feathered friends!

*Keālia Pond

This salt marsh wetland serves as a renowned bird sanctuary, providing habitat for over 30 distinct bird species, prominently featuring two of Hawai‘i’s endangered waterbirds—the Hawaiian coot and Hawaiian stilt. During winter visits, witness the freshwater pond expanding to approximately 400 acres, while in the summer months, it contracts to about half its size, leaving behind a salty residue. A boardwalk encircling the pond offers a self-guided tour, complete with informative descriptions about the habitat and its diverse avian residents!

*Maui Tropical Plantation

This enchanting plantation caters to every taste! True to its name, this verdant estate is abundant with tropical foliage. If strolling isn’t your preference, there’s a tram tour ready for you! From thrilling ziplining to leisurely duck feeding at the pond, you can easily fill an entire day here. Be sure not to miss the captivating live entertainment, and the island’s finest cuisine awaits you! Chef of the Year, Jeff Scheer, promises a 5-star dinner accompanied by serenades, creating the perfect day in paradise!

From terrestrial to aquatic adventures, here’s your guide to some fantastic activities in central Maui!