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Maui Road Bike Rentals

Yes! The Boss Frog’s Ride, and Maui cycling is our specialty! The Frog’s want you to have a great ride with our awesome Cannondale Maui road bike rentals! We have a great page on our website with our most popular Maui bike rides We picked the Cannondale and Fuji lines because they are comfortable, durable, light weight, have great components, climb well and they like to go fast! All of our road bikes feature full carbon frames and high end components. They are in our opinion, much more than you would expect in a rental bike.

The Best Maui Rides To Try With Your Bike Rental

There are many bike rides you can do here in Maui, from the West Maui Loop to the Haleakala Crater climb, you can do a different road bike ride every day of your vacation. There are bike rides that feature flat terrain to bike rides that feature a lot of climbing and bike rides that feature a bit of both. There are many different reasons why our Maui road bike rentals are better than bringing your own bike. It is expensive to bring your road bike, if you break something on your bike, you may have to wait to get it fixed instead of just going back to our bike shop to grab another, and it is just a big hassle to haul your bike to and from the airport. Who needs that when you already have to drag around all your other luggage.

Boss Frog’s has two great Maui bike shops to serve your needs. These bikes can be ridden for 60+ miles no problem. The highways on Maui, for the most part, have a large shoulder and minimal traffic lights, which really facilitate great road rides. You can ride anywhere on the island except the south east side of Haleakala. Well, I shouldn’t say can’t, however, the road is not maintained, dirt in some portions and can be quite bone jarring without suspension. Why bother?

A quote from one of our visitors from Seattle: “The West Maui loop ride is one of the most beautiful rides in the world.”