Puamana Beach Park

Max Depth 2-15 feet
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Beach Location: On Honoapiilani Highway about 2 miles south of the town of Lahaina, just past Hokiokio Street
Amenities: Portable toilets, outdoor showers, picnic tables, BBQs, and trash bins
Time to snorkel: Year round
Kid Friendly: Yes
Lifeguards: No
Parking: Turn into the driveway for Puamana Beach Park just off Honoapiilani Highway (Hwy 30), and you’ll be in the parking lot. There are 26 parking spots here.

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Just next to the highway, and right outside Lahaina Town, Puamana Beach Park rests in the shade. A green lawn and large, spreading trees give way to a narrow strip of sand and a collection of boulders on shore. The daily tides determine when those stones are above or beneath the water’s surface. Either way, Puamana Beach is a fun place to practice beginning paddleboarding and surfing. Are you ready to grab a board and check it out? If boards aren’t included with your vacation rental, you are welcome to rent them from us along with your snorkel gear.

Although it is common to see turtles swimming here, there is not much of a reef along this strip. We don’t recommend it as a snorkeling site. In addition, there is so much surface activity taking place on boards, swimming here would pose extra safety hazards. There are many beaches nearby where swimmers are a lot safer and have a lot more to see.

Like many popular surfing spots, parking can be tight, so make sure to rent your surfboard early as you may have to wait a bit. The good thing about being here when it is crowded, though, is that you can watch the more experienced surfers and paddleboarders before you go for it. When you are out there, take time to enjoy being out there. It’s not only about catching waves. Aloha!

Puamana Beach
Puamana Beach
Puamana Beach

    Puamana Beach Rating by Boss Frog's

    Ease of Beach Access - 9/10
    Sandy Beach For Entertaining - 8/10
    Waves for surfing during winter - 9/10

    Summary 8.7/10

    Puamana is a nice place to bring a surfboard, boogie board, or stand up paddle board, as well as some shrimp to throw on the barbie. You'll enjoy the shaded lawn area with its picnic tables, BBQs, and trash and recycle bins for when you're done.  This beach is located just outside Lahaina town, and it doesn't host much of a reef.  This means snorkeling is out, but hanging out is definitely in! If you have children this is a decent place to play. It is a small beach park with porta-potties and a shower. There are also BBQ facilities. The beach is small but sandy most of the year. The water is shallow so watch out when stand up paddle boarding. Do not jump off your board or you will cut your feet. We know, we have done it. Parking is easy with spots usually available. You can also park along the highway if needed. This is a great place for a picnic as there are tables and usually there is no wind.

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    Puamana Beach