Just shy of 19 miles the Maui XTERRA Triathlon’s bike run is a rugged haul for the most professional athlete. In this video Conrad Stoltz briefly discusses his use of a ‘command post’ remote adjustable bike seat to aid him in this part of the trek. Conrad is serious about his XTERRA run. He holds the XTERRA record for the Bike run at 1 hour, 24 minutes and 12 seconds from (2002) when he also won the XTERRA, men’s race at 2 hours, 22 minutes and 55 seconds. Still the best XTERRA record ever in the 16 year history of the contest.

The XTERRA commands a $105K prize this year, nothing to shake a stick at but definitely a reason to shake a leg for the many world class competitors who come to Maui to participate. The official website of XTERRA boasts an uncompromising look into this now established competition and if you’re feeling strong this year you can join for only $475.00 although at this late date there may not be any slots open. It is tomorrow after all.

The Xterra facebook page has video interviews with top competitors, daily updates, feedback and more so you can keep apprised of current news.

You don’t have to enter the XTERRA to ride on Maui. You can rent professional mountain or road bikes from Boss Frog’s right here at Maui Road Bike Rental’s.