Kekaha Beach

Beach Location: On the southwest side of the island, at Mile Marker 28 on Highway 50 (Kaumualii Highway)
Amenities: Portable toilets, outdoor showers, shaded picnic tables, BBQ grills, and trash and recycle bins.
Kid Friendly: No
Lifeguards: Yes
Directions & Parking: This one’s easy! Head west on Highway 50 (Kaumualii Highway) until you reach Mile Marker 28. Once you see the lifeguard tower, pull into the parking lot on the ocean side of the road, and you are there! Walk through a dry lawn, and then yards and yards of soft sand to see the water. Do not get into the water here, at all.

Kekaha Beach Rating by Boss Frog's
  • Ease of Beach Access - 10/10
  • Sandy Beach For Entertaining - 6/10


Also known as MacArthur Park, Kekaha Beach Park is likely the largest and most deserted stretch of sand on the island of Kauai. This beach has some amenities available near the parking lot, but beyond the lifeguard stationed here, it is easy to imagine mankind has never set foot in this place. Kekaha has sand as far as the eye can see, and hardly any people. Look toward the water! There is nothing but warm golden sand from you to the edge of the crashing sea. Head to the left for a vast expanse of sand. And to the right, there is simply gorgeous coastline for miles. This is a great place to sit under the shade of a beach umbrella and forget the rest of the world. (In order to do this, you'll need to rent a beach umbrella. Boss Frog's has them, if you like.)

The water at Kekaha is rough and wild - a brilliant, constant, powerful jumble of saltwater waves! Do not consider getting into the water here for any reason. It is way too dangerous to try and swim. The trek to the water is likely too far a walk for most little ones. If you do bring the kids, keep a close eye on them while they run around.

When you are near the ocean, always face it so you are aware of what's happening. If you want to get pictures with the ocean behind you, stand on dry sand, and then smile really big! While you decide how best to pose your handsome self, make sure your photographer is looking out for unexpected waves. (This is good practice at any spot where ocean meets the land, but especially at Kekaha.)

If you love watching wildlife, here's a tip! When you first arrive, walk a little ways on the sand toward the water, and then look back toward the road. To your left, you will see a lovely little wetland. This area attracts several water birds, including the endangered Hawaiian stilt! Make sure to bring your binoculars and a great zoom lens.

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