Kauai Kayak Adventure

by | May 7, 2016 | Maui Activities

Kauai Kayak Adventure

This week we are featuring a Kauai activity. Why? Because I just went to Kauai, did said activity, and think you should do it too. It’s easy. The company is called Hanalei Kayaks and they are (yep you guesses it) in Hanalei. If you are visiting Kauai, make a point to visit the northern part of the island. There are so many great hikes and adventures along the coastline. Hanalei Kayaks is a small family owned company that offers Kauai Kayak tours up the Hanalei river, out into the bay, and into a great snorkeling spot. I wasn’t really sure about going on a kayak trip, but in the end I loved it and was glad I went. The river is very calm and shallow (they don’t do tours in the winter because of high water levels) and the guides are very knowledgeable and help you get oriented and comfortable with your kayak very quickly. We paddled a little over a mile up the serene river as our guides told us about the river and what it used to look like when they were kids. They pointed out some sea turtles that live in the river and told as about the trees and flowers along the shore. We paddled back to the mouth of the river and a couple hundred yard into the ocean so we could watch the surfers and look for more turtles, before we headed over to the snorkel area. There were so many colorful fish and coral in the snorkel lagoon. We went on the perfect day too; It was warm and just sunny enough to get a good tan without turning red.  The picnic lunch was good too. I ordered a turkey sandwich, but they had some veggie’s left over so I had one of  each; Both were excellent considering it was lunch on the beach. With bananas, chips, and cookies to top it off, and juice and water to wash it down, we were all satisfied.

River Kayaking

Hanalei Kayak Kauai.jpg After lunch, we all hung out and our guide showed us how to weave fish from the local psalm leaves. We paddled back to the original beach we launched from and drove the short 5-10 minute trip back to where we had parked in Hanalei. We all had so much fun,  and even though Hanalei is on the north shore, it is well worth the drive! Our Kauai Boss Frog locations can help you with any activities you want to do, and will happily tell you about Kauai kayak tours with Hanalei Kayaks. You can also call for bookings and information:  (888) 700-3764

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