Beach & Hybrid Cruisers

Come on in to any Boss Frog’s location in Maui and get yours today, first come first serve!!!!

Maui Hybrid Bike For Sale Boss Frog's
Fuji Crosstown Hybrid Cruiser
$30 per day, $90.00 per week.
The perfect comfort cruiser!!!! You will love this bike. With a large comfortable seat and its upright seating geometry, this 21 speed bike is great for all your sight-seeing needs. Many people actually do very long rides on this bike. I have personally seen people riding from South Maui to West Maui on this Rental Bike. It comes with a front basket to help you hold all your “must have” vacation gear.


Maui Beach Cruiser For Sale Boss Frog's
Fuji Sanibel beach cruiser
$20 per day, $75.00 per week.
Yep, you guessed it, a basic beach cruiser. What more can we really say? Hang out and enjoy Maui, laid back and cruising. They really are nice Maui beach cruisers and we have mens and womens styles available. Great for cruising around West Maui and South Maui. Take one for a spin!