Queen’s Pond – Polihale State Park

Beach Location: On the southwest side of the island, at Mile Marker 33 on Highway 50 (Kaumualii Highway)
Amenities: None
Kid Friendly: The beach, for 7 and up. The water, no one.
Lifeguards: No
Directions & Parking: Compared to finding other Kauai beaches, making it to Queen’s Pond requires a long and somewhat challenging journey. First, drive west on Highway 50 (Kaumualii Highway) until you come to Mile Marker 33. (Once you pass the Pacific Missile Range Facility, you’re almost there.) Turn left onto a dirt road marked with yellow signs stating “Unimproved Narrow Dirt Road Drive At Your Own Risk,” and “Road Floods During Rain.” Unless you are driving a lifted vehicle, the going will be very slow for the next four miles.

This extremely bumpy road is full of potholes, and it will lead you into Polihale State Park. There is a reason the rental car companies don’t want you going here. (If you are dealing with back or joint pain, you don’t want to take this road, either.  On the other hand, if your body is in good working order, it’s really fun!)

You’ll eventually come to a fork in the road marked with a huge tree and a sign for Polihale State Park. Take the left fork, and drive until the dirt road becomes sand. Park off to the side, but not in soft sand. You can get stuck in soft sand. Get out of the car and climb up the sandy hill.  You’ll see the beach soon enough, and it’s incredible. If Queen’s Pond is present at the time you go, it’s located down the hill and to the right about 50 yards.

For safety’s sake I don’t recommend leaving in the dark, but if you end up doing that, be really careful not to run over any frogs in the road. Boss Frog’s appreciates it!

Queen's Pond - Polihale State Park Rating by Boss Frog's
  • Ease of Beach Access - 5/10
  • Sandy Beach For Entertaining - 4/10


At Polihale State Park, you'll find one of the most stunning Kauai beaches! If you are willing to take the time and care necessary to get there, you'll be treated to a long, soft, hilly shoreline that seems to go on forever. There are bluffs to sit on and watch the waves. You will see the unmatched Na Pali cliffs - from the west! The island of Ni'ihau rests across the Kaulakahi Channel. And the ocean – wow! The ocean views here are exceptional, even for Kauai. The water here is magnificent, but also unsafe. Do not go into the ocean here.

Queen's Pond is a sometime occurrence at Polihale Beach. Mother Nature will determine whether this freestanding pool of water appears in the sand. If the pond is there, it is absolutely wonderful for wading and swimming. Queen's Pond is not open to the ocean, nor does the ocean wash into it. (There are no fish or waves involved.) Bring your bathing suit, in case the pond exists on Kauai when you do! Regardless of whether the pond is there, the beach itself is a phenomenal sight to see.

There are no amenities out here, so even though this is a great spot for a picnic, don't expect trash cans. As part of your beach enjoyment, please preserve the island's uncommon beauty by taking out everything that you bring in. Thank you. You rock! (I mean it!)

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