Lots of people each year try to ride to the top of Haleakala. It is the steepest paved ascent to 10,000 feet in the world.

This is a great idea if you are in fantastic shape like user running page in the video below and also know what you are doing.

Even expert riders can succumb to the low oxygen at the top. According to park workers, it is usually experts that require paramedic and the like assistance because they are the only people who make it that far.

If you plan to ride to the House of the Sun, know your personal limits and think about having a car spot you just in case. We all want to be safe here on Maui and we want you to have a safe vacation.

You can do this ride with our Fuji Aero, bring your favorite pedals, bring your seat, your going to want to be comfortable and sure. If you do make it to the top of Haleakala, we hope you’ll share your own video with us. Drop us a comment and tell us where to find your pics and/or video so we can share your success. And we’d love to hear your stories too. Aloha!