You can get this kind of action on Maui with the Haleakala Skyline trail where you have unobstructed views 10,000 feet to the ocean and 100′s of miles to every horizon. We don’t have the white chalk and basalt shown here but we do have lots of loose cinder, wild conifer and eucalyptus forests and you can go slow or super fast depending on your own skill level. We have the fuji mountain bikes that can handle the ride too. check them out right here on the site and if your ready to one of the many Maui off-road trails call us up or make your reservation right here. And if you take video with your GoPro or other camera mount send them in and we’ll feature you and link to you right here and on our youtube and other sites. We admire hard bikers, endurance bikers, fast bikers and we also appreciate leisure bikers. Anyway you can get your exercise and fun in is great!