We haven’t seen this previously but some people are bringing Maui up to speed with e-bikes. The following video appears to be in Ulupalakua or at the Makawao Forest Reserve Trail. Watch as this rider makes easy work of some very steep hills with a bike that doesn’t look much heavier or bulkier than a regular mountain bike. They are heavier of course by some 50 – 70 pounds. Make sure if your riding one that your battery runs out at the top of a hill, not the bottom.

Make sure to check out mauimart‘s other videos while you’re there, his e-bike build is quite impressive and he shows it off well. We don’t rent E-bikes, they are far too dangerous. But you can be inspired by them and if you’re building one, let us know, we’d be happy to do a feature on you and your experiment.
Although this next one is’nt on Maui, it shows some of the advancement in E-bikes, a very sleek and custom made design.